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Get higher cash back with any Mastercard or Visa prepaid/credit card from any Malaysian bank. Spend together with friends for even bigger cash back rewards!




REVO Exclusives

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Just link a card

Sign up and securely link a Mastercard or Visa credit/prepaid card from any Malaysian bank to REVO.

Shop & dine.
Pay with linked card.

Spend with your linked card, in-store or online at over 100+ participating brand and retail partners.

Get cash back,

Cash back is credited into your REVO account. Pay zero fees when you cash out.

Over 100+ brands

New deals added daily & weekly

REVO Partner Merchants

...and many more!

Add magic to your card.

Shop & dine. Get cash back

Accumulate your cash back as you pay with your linked card at our brand & retail partners.

In-store or online.

Whether you’re shopping in-store or from the comfort of your home, you are sure to get cash back with REVO.

Zero effort required.

No top ups. No QR code scanning. No app. Just shop and pay as usual with your linked credit card to get extra.

Go ahead, double dip.

Earn cash back in addition to the rewards you already earn from your credit card.

REVO is serious about your security

  • You are protected

    REVO is a trusted partner of global payments network Mastercard and Visa.

  • You are anonymous

    We do not store your credit/prepaid card details and your are never charged by REVO.

  • You are encrypted

    Your card data is securely encrypted with 256-bit bank level encryption.

Why do you need to link your card to REVO?

So we can give you cash! Whenever you use your REVO linked credit/prepaid card at our merchant partners, we will be able to track the transaction and give you cash back.

Frequently Asked Questions

REVO is a FREE to use cash back service that gives you EXTRA cash back for the things you already love doing, like shopping and dining out. REVO links your Mastercard and Visa credit or prepaid card(s) with cash back offers and rewards from participating brands and retail partners.

To get cash back from REVO, you will first need to link your Mastercard and Visa credit/prepaid card to REVO and spend with that card at participating brands and retail partners' physical or online stores.

REVO works with any credit/prepaid cards from any Malaysian bank/issuer except corporate, or debit cards. You can link your BigPay card too.

We do not limit the amount of Mastercard and Visa credit/prepaid card(s) that you can link to REVO.

REVO uses a Mastercard or Visa credit/prepaid card number to identify valid cash back purchases made at participating brand and retail partners. If your Mastercard and Visa credit/prepaid card is not registered, we will not be able to track your purchases and give you your cash back.

Do note that not all cards are eligible for REVO cash back. Invalid cards will be automatically rejected during enrollment.

Link. Shop. Get cash back.

Ready to earn cash back rewards with every purchases? Sign up and link your credit or prepaid card today!