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This Offer is subjected to the Terms & Conditions described below. By purchasing through REVO, you agree to these Offer Terms & Conditions:

  1. The offer
    • Cash back is applicable for purchases made on the desktop website and mobile website only. Purchases through the app are not eligible for cash back.
    • Always re-click the brand through REVO for every purchase.
    • Do not purchase via our Partner Merchant’s store app or click on any redirect link on our Partner Merchant’s web page to ensure that your cash back is properly tracked by us.
    • Shop and complete your purchase within the same page to ensure that your cash back is properly tracked by REVO.
    • If unsure, always re-click through REVO before making a purchase.
    • Your cash back will be rejected if there are any exchanges, returns, refunds or cancellations.
    • Subject to the discretion of our Partner Merchant’s T&C, you may not be eligible for cash back after applying promotional codes.
    • Validation of cash back is solely at the discretion of our Partner Merchants.

  2. Transactions that are not eligible
  3. The following transactions are not eligible and could be the reason why you did not receive your cash back:

    • The offer has been prematurely removed or cancelled..
    • The offer has already hit the budget limit.
    • The offer has already hit the per member cap limit.
    • You did not meet the merchant’s purchase T&C (terms and conditions).

  4. Cash back
  5. Cash back may take up to 30 days from the following month after your transaction to appear in your account from qualifying spend.

    Some cash back from Merchants are paid in USD, and there may be some discrepancy in the cash back given due to currency exchange fluctuations.

    For flights and hotels transactions, the cash back will only be calculated after your flight or stay date.

    While every effort will be made to ensure the cash back reward amounts are kept up-to-date, our partner merchants reserve the right to amend or remove the cash back amount at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice to REVO or REVO members.

  6. Privacy and Security
  7. We use your personal information such as your phone number and transaction information to manage and reward your spending. Your personal information will only be used strictly in accordance with REVO Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  8. Fraud/Gaming/Glitches
  9. REVO participating merchants reserves the right to suspend or cancel the offer if any fraud or gaming by users, technical failure or any other factors outside our control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the offer.

    We will do our best to give you reasonable notice of any such incident and take reasonable steps to ensure you are not unfairly impacted.

    REVO and participating merchants reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to disqualify any individual suspected of fraud, gaming the offer or any breach of the Offer Terms.

  10. Changes
  11. REVO and participating merchants reserves the right to vary any eligibility criteria or Offer Terms & Conditions without prior notice.